TCA Peeling in Patna

TCA CROSS treatment is performed by one of the best Chemical Peeling Doctors in Patna. As enlarge pores and deep acne scars lie below the safety zone of lasers, Laser Treatment for Acne can deliver the necessary power to reach scars. TCA CROSS is a procedure under Laser Treatment for acne which overcomes this problem by placing a known concentration of acid. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? You will notice a difference just after one treatment, however, most ice-pick scars will require 2-3 treatments before they reach the ‘safe to laser’ mark. TCA Cross is a procedure is performed by only a Cosmetologist in Patna or Scars Reduction Doctors in Patna. This treatment is not dragged for a long duration. TCA is directed into the base of the scar with a fine instrument. Once the treatment is complete a topical emollient is applied.